UrRe 2.0 Urban Shelter

During 2 week stay in Struga in September 2018, the participants worked with local stakeholders, consulted citizens and other relevant actors to produce recommendations, action plan and intervene in community spaces for a better social inclusion and community. This way, we help the most marginalised communities especially young people and children, as the sub-category of vulnerable groups, to thrive and involve in active participation of urban life. Open and free to the public, “Urban Shelter” invited the participation of the public and passers-by to get involved and experience their city from a new perspective. This way, the project assist in developing more egalitarian and quality sustainable spaces in order to address the most challenging urban complexities which need to be produced collaboratively and publicly, with the participation of citizens. The aim of this residency was to increase the quality of life for the citizens and through forms of community engagement in their habitats, to improve mutual interaction.