Monitoring of the action plans of local strategy on youth of the Municipality of Struga


The aim of the project is to enable the municipality to intervene in the relevant open questions through appropriate measures that need to be taken in the future to realize the objective of the strategy. It will be done through various activities such as interviews, meetings with GB and stakeholders, focus groups.

– Mapping – Make a visual map of active organisations for youths in Struga, those who took part in the creation of the strategy for youth, organisations those who have received support from the municipality for their youth and cultural activities in 2014, and organizations part of the decision-making process in the municipality. Below are the lists that are currently been used under this activity. If your organisation or organisation that you know is not on this list, please contact us in order to include them in the lists as well as in the activities implemented under the project.

 List of active NGOs in Struga

 List of registered NGOs in Struga

– Focus groups – with youth pupils from the high schools in Struga “Niko Nestor” and “Dr.Ibraim Temo”. The focus groups will be gender and age mixed. Below are the photo of the two focus groups held.