Million voices for one purpose – Coexistence

Short summary

The main objective: Contribute to the enhancement of community dialogue among all ethnic groups in the south-western part of the country (Municipality of Struga, Kicevo and Debar) from urban and rural areas, by strengthening cooperation and share examples of coexistence.
Target groups: young people aged 14-18 and all citizens of different ethnicity and age (Macedonians, Albanians, Turks, Vlachs, Roma, Egyptians, and Muslim Macedonians); Target Area: Southwest Region; Location: Struga, Kicevo, and Debar.

Expected results:

– Realized joint activities and undertaken concrete joint youth initiatives as an example of coexistence;
– Enhanced communication, collaboration and interaction between artists among themselves, as well as with other relevant institutions;
– Raised awareness among citizens and increased level of citizen involvement in various activities of this nature.
This project is funded by Government of Republic of North Macedonia and period of implementation is November 2019- June 2020.