Little star

The aim of this project was to improving the living conditions for the babies in the Kindergarten “SONCE” in Struga. It will offer to the most in need, care, love, attention, a better place to sleep for sweet dreams and healthy environment. Therefore, it is important to provide these things to the babies in order to avoid possible illness and provide them clean, healthier and safe environment.

1.1. Sleeping nurture – for every child it is important how is their childhood and normally very important for the institution the conditions they provide services. Therefore, new beds for babies, new and clean mattresses to sleep on and be changed on, designed beddings, quilts and anatomic pillows will make their sleeping time healthier and at the same time funny were more than necessary.
1.2. Play free – carpets for the rooms of the kindergarten where the babies/children sit on to play and lay down to have fun.
1.3. Food in my table chairs and tables where the children can be set down and have their meals during the stay in the kindergarten.

– 12 rex beds,
– 2 closets,
– 30 bedding for sleeping (for rex beds);
– 30 blankets (for rex beds);
– 2 changing tables,
– 3 carpets,
– 20 baby beds,
– 23 mattresses,
– 20 beddings (4-piece crib set),
– 20 tables and chairs for eating.

This project was funded by the Swiss Embassy and German Embassy in Skopje.