The Music Roundabout

A series of various performers and concerts with international and regional impact will be organised.The notion of music as a universal language has the ability to transcend boundaries, thus it can create relationships between people from different backgrounds and opposing beliefs. It can transform prejudices, mistrust and hatred into curiosity, tolerance and understanding. This initiative will be a form of “Cultural diplomacy” to exchange of ideas, values and information having for ultimate goal to promote mutual understanding.

1st music performance – “Gipsy Groove”

On 18 September 2016 in the premises of Social Club KOMBINATi was held the discussion on “the role of the music in multi-ethnic societies” with representatives of the music band “Gipsy Groove” and the present studentsfrom music high school, participants from the two high schools in Struga, NGO representatives, music performers from Struga and Ohrid, etc. After the discussion the band performed for 1 hour and 30 minutes.

2nd music performance – jam, session and live music performance

As a continuation of the activities where music is promoted as a universal language to transcend boundaries and create relationships between people from different ethnicity and religions, on 26th May 2017, Creative and Active held the second music performance. The first part of this activity consisted of a Jam Session which was held in the premises of Social Club KOMBINATI with the performers Artan & Oli, the choir of the project “Decade of belonging, celebrating diversity” and the music band “Lazy Groovers” from the music high school in Struga. As for the second part of the activity, the live performance in the square “Mother Theresa” in Struga brought together the performance of the band Artan & Oli and the music band “Lazy Groovers” which interpreted several songs in Albanian, Macedonian, and English as well as performed few instrumental music pieces. In this event was presented also the hip-hop band of the project “Black Squad Crew” with dancing. Present in the event were students from the three high schools in Struga, students from universities, music performers from Struga and Ohrid, citizens, tourists present in Struga, representatives of the municipality, partners and collaborators from the civil sector active in the region, etc.