The Social Club as new emerging form of sociability and solidarity can facilitate dialogue between communities and help to strengthen social cohesion. The mission of Social Club KOBINATIis exactly that – to represent focal point for grass-root and community based organizations, creative people and citizens to socialize and familiarize with the cultural values and identities of various ethnic communities. It has initiated a process where people/groups can practice cultural awareness, as it becomes central when they will have to interact with people from other cultures (currently there is no enabling environment in our divided communities for this process to occur). Cultural awareness will help Social Club visitors/members to transform from ethnocentric level (believing their way of doing things is the best) to synergistic level (willing to acknowledge “the others’ way” and jointly create new alternative solutions to challenges they are facing). This cultural hub center, will present a tool to nurture tolerance, a platform to present joint values as communities but also learn to respect and accept the differences among us.