Local Cultural Heritage

In an era of globalization, cultural heritage helps us to remember our cultural diversity, and its understanding develops mutual respect and renewed dialogue amongst different cultures. Heritage places are important to current and future generations. When communities work together to identify and conserve heritage places, they can reflect on the past and build stronger bonds for the future. Keeping these places enables the community to experience again and again the pleasures they offer.
This project used cultural legacy as a tool for rebuilding and developing communities and trust between people. The activities aimed to identify and promote cultural heritage as both a right in itself and a resource for the community, and to support the right of civil society groups to participate in and influence public sector decision-making regarding local heritage.
The approach involved in clarifying the goals, identifying the interest groups and creating a plan of action, including documentary research, field study and collecting community knowledge through meetings with citizens, workshops with local authorities, central authorities and civil sector, data processing on local and national level. We used cultural heritage as an active force for reconciliation, peacebuilding and social and economic development, accordingly a regional priority action plan was established which is a reflection of what the team has assessed on current situation and recommendations on what can be done to rescue and preserve tangible and intangible cultural traditions in the south-west region of the country.

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