Culinary Week

Food is a great vehicle for sharing culture with people from different backgrounds. Coming together and sharing a meal is the most communal and binding thing in almost every place in the world and being able to make a dish and share that with the people you appreciate is one of the most universal concepts because it’s at the root of our survival. The Culinary Week aims to do this, enable the community to come together and be able to share its culture and heritage through food and give each other nourishment.
In a period of six days (June 23 – June 28), professionals and amateurs cooks, barista / cafes connoisseurs, trainers / food producers / social entrepreneurs / professionals for sustainable business teamed up in the “Culinary Week”. The activity started with an open event “Food Fair”, continued the second day with lectures “Successful stories as a legacy”, while in the next three days there was a workshop “Cooking with and for the community” in Struga, Kicevo, Debar and on the last day they finished a workshop with barista “Let’s share coffee.