“Decade of Belonging – Celebrating Diversity”

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Local communities in southwest region are divided across ethnic lines and do not have opportunities to develop genuine interaction and regain trust among each other. Young people study in different shifts so they do not meet, and cannot understand each other as they do not even speak the others’ language. CSO sector in the southwest region of Macedonia is weak and also divided by ethnic lines. Multi-sectoral local partnerships and coalitions where CSO’s can join efforts with public and private sector are rare in target region.

To contribute to the improvement of the intercommunity relations in southwest region, by enhancing the cooperation between CSO’s, interethnic councils, decision makers and private sector.

• To improve socializing and dialogue among ethnic groups by initiating joint actions involving different sectors;
• To enhance the role of the Interethnic councils within the local government and publicly promote it;
• To improve effectiveness and influence of the CSO’s in the region.

1. Citizens and community groups have improved interaction and cooperation
2. Proactive leadership in local decision processes and improved interaction among communities by Interethnic councils
3. CSO’s empowered to build strategic partnerships, engage in creating trust among communities; – Built and sustained multi-faceted and creative alliances among politicians, private sector and CSO’s with aim of achieving inclusive multi-ethnic societies.

1.1 Establishing Social Club Kombinati; 1.2 Creating Advisory Board ; 1.3 Launching at least 10 local initiatives ; 1.4. Sharing and replication of good practices
2.1 Public opinion research on OFA perception among citizens of Southwest region; 2.2 Presentation of the survey findings and public presentation events
3.1 Launching sub-granting program “Partnerships for sustainable communities”; 3.2 Needs assessment and delivery of the trainings to the selected CSO’s.
4.1 Evaluation follow-up plans, presentation of best-practices


Time-frame: January 2016 – January 2019

Location of the project: Southwest region / Struga, Debar, Ohrid, Kicevo, Debarca

Implementing partners:
CSO “Local Agency for Development” – LDA from Struga www.ldastruga.org
CSO “Creative & Active” – C&A from Struga www.creativeactive.org

Citizens; Business community; Local authorities; Members of CSO’s,

Budget: 281.064,00 euro

Project coordinator: Katerina Vasileska