City that [never] sleeps 2

Short summary

Overall Objective of this multimedia and interdisciplinary project is:

1. to contribute to deepening the understanding of different local cultures and to provide a space for participatory and creative meetings/gatherings;

2. embrace the wealth of talented people by new individuals and communities and allow hybridization and innovation in artistic creation,

3. Adopt new methods of work that provide innovation and space for experimentation, but maintain the excellence and high artistic and cultural standards offered to audiences and participants.

This diverse program of local and international professionals who through activities in and outside the specially designed inflatable will involve the community to present their own works and ideas. Open and free to the public, “The city that (never) sleep” 2 invited the public and artists to get involved and experience the city from a new perspective. During a 2-week stay, the team worked with local stakeholders, consulted the citizens, and produced an annual cultural agenda and cultural interventions and actions to revive the cultural life of the most marginalized communities and subcategory – children and youth.

In this way, the project helped in the development of quality and sustainable cultural facilities in order to respond to urban complexes challenges that were produced jointly and publicly, with the participation of citizens. The project is financed by Ministry of Culture year 2018.