About us

…we grow together…

Creative and Active’s goal is to empower youth by fostering intercultural dialogue and cooperation and promote the values of tolerance, diversity and equality between different ethnicities in the territory of the Republic of Macedonia.

Creative and Active aims to assist young people to accomplish their goals through culture and art, educational activities,youth development, and endorsement of fundamental human rights and freedoms actions.

– Qualification and re-qualification workshops
– Media pro-activity
– Study visits
– Focus groups

Youth Development
– Integrative methodologies while working with children
– Raising public awareness campaigns
– Activities in journalism, ecology and sport

Culture and Art
– Promoting young artists
– Networking and transnational exchange
– Cultural inheritance activities
– Creation of human cultural habitats

Promotion and development of basic Human Rights and freedoms:
– Intervention and mediation between clients and institutions
– Inclusion of minorities and communities
– Anti racial campaigns
– Sexual and reproductive health rights workshops

Advisory Board Member